Pellaea paradoxa Glowstar

Vase size8,5 cm
Height10-15 cm
Loading9x6x12 cm / 7x6x12 cm

Forested areas are the natural habitat of the plants of the 'Forest expedition': the Chlorophytum, Phlembodium, Polystichum and Pellaea. There they grow in the shade of tall trees, away from the direct rays of the sun.

Given their original sheltered habitat, these plants are best kept away from direct sunlight in your home as well. Keep the plants moist by watering them slightly twice a week, along the side of the plant. This helps prevent brown leaves and a bald centre. It is a good idea to spray the plants regularly.

Pellaea paradoxa "Glow Star"

This small fern was first found in Eastern Australia. It was first described in 1810 by the Scottish botanist Robert Brown, in the book Prodromus Florae Novae Hollandiae. This book was the first attempt to comprehensively describe the newly discovered Australian flora. It contains over 2040 new types of plants.