The plants of the Voyage collection are supplied in a unique and stylish box. This box brings the atmosphere of the voyages of discovery to your shop, and evokes the original habitat of the plant. It is a real eye-catcher on the shop floor and very recognisable for your customers.

The box displays information about the origin of and care for the plants. The back of the box shows the world map with the different climate zones, each with its own colour. These colours are also shown on the plant labels. So you can see at a glance from what type of climate the plant derives and what type of care it requires.

An added advantage is that the plants of the Voyage collection are supplied in smaller quantities than usual, with each box containing twelve plants. As the Voyage plant boxes are smaller, they can be fitted perfectly on a Danish trolley, with the front side facing forward. As a result, the Danish trolley also doubles as an attractive means of presentation.

Voyage - Green plants of the world

Explore the jungle

Already a true explorer at a very young age, Jan van Geest’s first adventures were just around the house. But once finished with school, Jan van Geest eagerly started hunting for mutants in his father’s nursery; that is, new plants that emerge spontaneously from existing plants. To increase the chance of finding new plants, he promised every co-worker 10 guilders for each mutant they found. That is how most of the new types of plants were discovered at that time.

Today Jan van Geest has a more ambitious approach. He regularly travels to distant corners of the earth with one clear mission: to find unfamiliar plants for his Esperit Forever nursery. He roams botanical gardens and penetrates the jungle, searching for new plants and other secrets of mother nature. Over the years he has built up a worldwide network of fellow collectors and hobbyists that all passionately help him in his quest. As a result, many new types have been discovered, some of which may soon find their way to your home!

The new plant brand of Voyage by Esperit Forever takes you along on such a trip. Into the jungle, or to the savannah, or through the subtropics. Off to the places where the plant species once were discovered, and where they have their origin.

The passion for discovery and the drive to always renew and expand the collection lies at the heart of the philosophy of Esperit Forever. We are continually on the lookout for new concepts and unfamiliar plant species. This way, Esperit Forever hopes to always have an attractive and new assortment to offer you.

Voyage - Green plants of the world