Voyage - Green plants of the world


Why does one houseplant need a lot of light, while another prefers a location in the shade? Why do some houseplants require a regular douse of water, while others can go without watering for a long time? The answers to these questions take us back to the plant’s original habitat.

The Voyage concept by Esperit Forever takes you on a voyage to the countries where the plants originally come from, and explains how they live there. Do they live in a damp or dry climate? In warm or cooler temperatures? Do they grow in direct sunlight, or in the shade of other trees? The way plants live in nature is how they wish to live in our home interiors. The Voyage assortment is a selection of Esperit Forever’s most attractive and highest quality green plants.

The Voyage green plant assortment is divided into four climate types: jungle, savannah, subtropics and forest. The Voyage concept shows where the plant comes from, in what climate it lives, and how best to care for it. Voyage tells you the story behind each plant.

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